“We don’t have that money” – West Ham can’t afford Abraham insists manager Moyes

Tammy Abraham looks more and more like he will be leaving Chelsea this summer, and the question is increasingly “how much will we get” rather than “should we sell him.”

The price being put around now is £40m, which we think is on the cheap side, but will also seem very pricey in a post-Covid world to some managers.

West Ham are one of the teams being linked most strongly to the striker, and their manager David Moyes took his chance to try and talk the fee down in his press conference ahead of their game tonight:

“It would rule us out completely. We will be ruled out,” said Moyes in quotes picked up by the Independent.

“So if that’s the figure and that’s what’s being said, we are ruled out. We don’t have that money, we don’t have that to buy a striker at that price, no.”

That’s pretty definitive, but on the other hand we shouldn’t expect anything else other than the interested team insisting they can’t pay our initial asking price.

The Hammers have also recently been burned by their expensive purchase of Sebastien Haller from Frankfurt, and may want to let wounds heal a little before they spend big on a target man again.

2 thoughts on ““We don’t have that money” – West Ham can’t afford Abraham insists manager Moyes

  1. There’s always a disparity between what the fans of the buying and selling clubs value a player. WHU whole budget for next season is 50m(including Haller money) plus sales and European / CL money IF we qualify. The priority is Lingard, striker, DM cover. Being realistic your not going to get a decent forward for less than 30m. I could see a deal getting done if the other 10m is incentive based. 5m if he hits 15 goals , 5m if we get into Europe???

    Villa seem to be splashing the cash last couple of seasons or maybe Wolves like the look of him? There aren’t that many clubs who can afford 40m.

    Your manager has decreased the players value by making it obvious he don’t feature in his plans. I agree with the article it a matter of how much you get not if he goes. Not sure who is going to pay / be able to pay 40m.

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