Confirmation of Antonio Rudiger’s injury

Chelsea have had a number of players really stepping up right when we needed them over the last few months, and Antonio Rudiger is up the top of that list of players.

The defender has been absolutely colossal for Chelsea under Thomas Tuchel, and he has also been one of the standout warriors and leaders on the pitch, something that they have really been crying out for.

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Yesterday he was pinnacle to another massive Chelsea win, beating league leaders and soon to be champions, Manchester City, in their own back yard.

The German international has had to play with a face mask after an injury sustained in the first leg of the Real Madrid champions league tie, and he has provided confirmation of exactly what that injury was.

A broken jaw apparently, and he has been playing on with it. What an absolute beast to be playing through the pain!

6 thoughts on “Confirmation of Antonio Rudiger’s injury

  1. Yes he’s a hero to be celebrated according to Kevin, don’t also forget in a hurry that somebody played with fresh injury with his socks soaked with blood inside his boot,,, he was a defender for Chelsea too, IVANOVIC, was the defender,, so all Chelsea defenders are dedicated.

  2. I just hope No Chelsea player picks up any kinda injuries for now cause we’ve got tough games to play.

    C’mon Chelsea

  3. Thanks for good job the team is doing….we as Chelsea fans we are really proud of the team…

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