Chelsea set to debut new home kit in FA Cup final, with Champions League decision still to come

Chelsea will wear their 2021/2022 home kit in the FA Cup final this weekend, and possibly in the Champions League final too.

That’s according to Liam Twomey of the Athletic, who has confirmed that the funky / swirly / Blue with a yellow sash kit you can see in the image above will be what Thomas Tuchel’s team wear at Wembley – credit as ever to whichever Nike employee set up

Clubs have long previewed the next season’s strip in the last home game of the season, but things went a little further last year because of “Project Restart”. That meant Chelsea played out the whole of the end of last season in this kit, including their unsuccessful FA Cup final against Arsenal.

Let’s hope this new one brings better omens. There is certainly something a little odd about getting all the way to the final in one kit, only to change at the last minute. It will make looking back on any potential trophy-lifting action rather confusing at a minimum.