Chelsea “very close” to Thomas Tuchel contract extension

Thomas Tuchel is just a few months into his contract as Chelsea manager, but already there’s talk of a new one in the pipeline.

That shows just how well the German coach has done in the few months since he arrived. His impact has been phenomenal, and Chelsea – who have tried to curb their habit of handing over big deals to coaches and then paying big cash to fire them – look like they’re already getting tempted back in to secure their man longer term.

Angelo Mangiante of Sky Italia is the first with the report that an offer is on the table, and as you can see in the Tweet below, it sounds like it’s almost done.

To be fair, there’s not much to organise. Just some extra years on the deal, presumably a little bump on the wage, and away we go.

Both sides are doing well from the relationship so far – long may it continue!