Abramovich is a “football nut” claims Sky pundit

This afternoon’s Manchester United’s game against Liverpool has been called off after fans invaded the pitch before kick off, meaning Sky Sports have had a lot of time to fill.

They’ve ended up having a discussion about the protest against the “Super League”, and in this case against the Glazer family, who own Manchester United.

Graeme Souness made an interesting comparison between the United owners – who bought the club with debt and have extracted money from it, and Roman Abramovich, who owns Chelsea.

He pointed out that – having met Abramovich – he knows he’s a “football nut” and owns Chelsea (at least in part) because he likes the sport. Man U’s owners are apparently only in it for the cash.

In the end the result was the same in this case. Both teams signed up for the Super League. But perhaps we can expect a more understanding attitude from above at Stamford Bridge now we’ve made it clear we don’t want it.

2 thoughts on “Abramovich is a “football nut” claims Sky pundit

  1. I Agree That Roman Abramovich Is a true Lover Of The Sport And Is Genuinly Thinking About The Fans.

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