“We won in all statistics” – Thomas Tuchel’s dodgy defence of Chelsea performance

Chelsea are taking on Porto in the Champions League quarter finals tomorrow night, but in the pre=match press conference today there were still lots of questions about the defeat to West Brom at the weekend, so surprising was that result.

Thomas Tuchel has admitted freely it was a bad game, and that there were lots of things his team could have done better, but he also couldn’t resist pointing out just how much of a freak result it was.

He mentioned that when he was doing the analysis after the game he noted his team had “won in all statistics”, including expected goals and take-ons.

He’s right, but fans don’t really want to hear excuses after they’ve conceded 5 goals at home to the bottom team in the league. Much like when he mentioned how the early-kick off might have made things difficult for his team, we reckon he’s better off just condemning the bad showing and promising better in the future, rather than pointing to the number of take-ons as a positive.