UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson praises Chelsea’s Super League climbdown

Barely two days after agreeing to join the European Super League, Chelsea have decided to leave it.

They’ve not made their decision official yet, but strong leaks from top sources all over the place have made it very clear that it’s happening.

The club got praise from a pretty odd place too – United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He had spoken out against the whole idea the day before, and couldn’t miss such an open goal to double down on that move.

He Tweeted the following during the game:

Johnson got his wish. Since his Tweet, the other 4 English teams have rushed to join the flow of rats leaving the ship. Chelsea pulled out the first block from the foundation that has brought it all crashing down, but nobody is rushing to give them too much credit for the simple act of trying to undo a crass and embarrassing mistake on a historic scale.