“I trust my club” – Tuchel backs Chelsea’s Super League move

We don’t envy any of the managers of the 6 teams who have signed up to the European Super League.

They have nothing to do with the decision, and yet they’re the first (and in most cases only) access the media have to the club, so they will be fielding all the questions and facing all the anger from fans channelled through reporters.

Thomas Tuchel has just stepped up to do his press conference ahead of the match against Brighton tomorrow, and as you might imagine there’s not too much interest in the match against the Seagulls right now.

As you might expect, his response was broadly to back the club, without anything too specific. He said he wants to play in the “biggest competitions” and that “I trust my club” to make the right call on these matters.

What else can he say, really?

He said “it’s too early to judge,” clearly hoping that this will blow over before too long, and while this initial anger may die down, the deep opposition to this from across the footballing world isn’t going anywhere, and this is likely to be just the start of poor Tuchel’s tangles with the subject.