Mateo Kovacic thinks Chelsea ‘can go very far’ ahead of ‘big day’ in Champions League

Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic has issued the rally cries ahead of another big Champions League match for the club tonight.

The Croatian international is expecting a very tough match against Porto this evening, but he believes in his team and says they are prepared and ready to fight for the win.

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A place in the semi finals of the most prestigious domestic competition in the world is up for grabs, simply nothing to be sniffed at. If you can’t pick yourselves up for a game like this then you probably shouldn’t be playing in it.

Chelsea have to bounce back also from a heavy 5-2 defeat to relegation strugglers West Brom in the Premier League on Saturday, so tonight will be an even bigger test of their character.

But Kovacic is confident in this team and he claims they ‘can go very far’ in his press conference yesterday, as reported by the Chelsea website.

“It was a difficult draw,” he said.

“Porto is a good team which we saw already against Juventus. They knocked out a big opponent, they showed togetherness and a great spirit. They fight together, they stick together and so it will be a tough game for us, like every game in the Champions League, but we are prepared for it.

“When I played before at Real Madrid I learned that in this stage there are no bad opponents. This is a tough draw, Porto is an amazing team and they knocked out Juventus, a big opponent, and they showed a great character and a great team spirit. We need to show that as well and try our best to go through but it won’t be easy.

“They can play against any team, but we are a good team as well and we prepared ourselves very well for the game and we will show that. Tomorrow is a big day for us and I’m sure that the whole team is focused on that.

“It would be nice to play a final with Chelsea, it would be amazing, but we are in the quarters now, we should take it step by step. We have tomorrow a big opponent, which is Porto.

“I think this Chelsea team can go very far and we are more and more confident in ourselves in every game. We have a great mixture between young talents and experienced players. So we are ready for every opponent and every challenge which will come. Tomorrow is a big game and all players like to play big games, so we will be prepared and proud to play a big game for Chelsea.”