CONFIRMED: Chelsea players will be banned from the World Cup and Euros if Super League move goes ahead confirms UEFA chief

Literally at the same moment that Thomas Tuchel is speaking to the media and claiming he doesn’t know what his players think about the stunning Super League news, UEFA have made their move.

The association knows it must crush this breakaway before it’s too late, and they’ve played their trump card. Alexander Ceferin, the president of the organisation, has said that they will “take all sanctions that [they] can”.

Their biggest threat is banning players from the World Cup and Euros, and that’s the line that Ceferin is taking. It all relies on players fighting back against their own clubs because they feel affected by that threat.

It’s hard to judge what their reaction will be – they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds, but they will surely be hurt that the club has done this to their careers unilaterally.

Just when we thought things were heading back towards normal, the rollercoaster has plunged us back into madness. This is going to get seriously messy – this is just the start.

9 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Chelsea players will be banned from the World Cup and Euros if Super League move goes ahead confirms UEFA chief

  1. The UEFA should stop cutting their nose off to spite their face. Yeah….let’s ban the best players but still hold our controlled tournament. Does it cross their minds that the product becomes less attractive when the best players aren’t playing. The game being played is about maintaining power not what’s best for the game.

  2. This is unfair to treat innocents players who are following the rules and now facing problems they don’t know about.
    If there should be any punishment or charges
    It the team leaders that must face it please let us all be kind and fairly justice

  3. This is shit i understand what’s going on but why threatening the players they are not the boss they are just employees i no what they uefa is doing but still threatening players that won’t be happy to play the super league will be irritating to them

  4. That’s barbaric. Ways to frustrate Chelsea players not to concentrate on FA Cup final and Champions league semi final. They will all fail

  5. Not the smartest idea to split football into haves and havenots. It will spoil its global appeal. Reaction in tribal England will be fierce. Poses moral issues for players:. Take Zagreb, Modric’s first club; they have just kicked Spurs out of the EL. Spurs and Real – other past and current Modric’s clubs are “in” and Zagreb is “out”. Will Modric want any part in a scheme that effectively bankrupts his own boyhood club? The club that propelled him to fame and riches? I doubt it.

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