CONFIRMED: Chelsea announce “withdrawal” from European Super League

At 1am, Chelsea have finally confirmed what we’ve all known since around 7pm tonight when serious sources started reporting it.

The Blues are out of the European Super League, just 48 hours after announcing they’d joined it. The statement on the club website is short and sweet for the fans around the world who rallied against the idea, and especially those who went to Stamford Bridge today to protest.

The next steps are still a mystery, and there’s a lot more to come in this story, but for now, justice has been done.

Chelsea were the first team to be reported to have decided to leave the group, but are the last to actually announce their departure thanks to the game they played against Brighton tonight delaying proceedings.

Their statement, as opposed to others released by the shamed group of 6 English clubs, contains to apology or sign of contrition from the nameless author, or the club.

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