Chelsea’s commitment to “Super League” called into question as breakaway momentum seems to falter

We’re not getting too excited yet, but there are increasing whispers of divisions between the 6 English clubs committed to the Premier League.

It’s been reported since the start that Chelsea and Manchester City were reluctant signatories in the end, and might be the first to jump ship. Given the strong reaction to the plan, this might be the moment.

Politico editor Alex Wickham is not someone we usually go to as a source, but he’s a Fabrizio Romano figure in the world of politics, and it sounds like it’s that direction that the leaks are coming from.

He’s reported that “one of the big six English clubs is now seriously considering pulling out of the Super League”.

It backs up earlier reports from football writers like Matt Law and Gab Marcotti that there commitment was already wavering from those two.

The Guardian have also gone in a similar direction this morning, naming the two blue clubs as most likely to withdraw and possibly send the whole edifice crashing down.

We hope it’s Chelsea. It won’t mend the rift that’s been created, but it would at last save our club for now.