Chelsea Supporters’ Trust calls for resignation of club’s board after remarkable day of news

Chelsea have drawn 0-0 with Brighton at Stamford Bridge, but the real news is happening on phone calls and in desperate email chains around the world right now.

The European Super League has collapsed following massive protests at Stamford Bridge ahead of the game, and now there’s blood in the water.

Ordinary fans don’t have much say at the best of times – and there’s nowhere that’s more true than Chelsea. But you’ve got to stand up for what you believe in, and when you’ve been stabbed in the back like the fans of this club have, all you can do is rage against the machine – no matter how futile it seems.

Today has shown us that everything counts, and it’s no wonder that the Chelsea Supporters Trust have said that “the position of a number of members of the CFC board is now untenable.”

Nothing is likely to happen, but the fans are making their stance known – and that’s the best they can do for now.