Chelsea ready for hectic summer as football returns to normal

Chelsea’s club season is reaching its climax over the next 4 weeks.

After a slightly dodgy draw with Brighton last night, we’ve now got 6 Premier League games remaining to cling on to our place in the top 4.

We’ve got 55 points, the same as West Ham. Two points behind them are Liverpool, and three points behind them are Tottenham. All three of us drew in our last game, but Spurs have the chance to leapfrog us later this evening when they play Southampton.

Then there’s our Champions League game against Real Madrid, which will likely go ahead at the end of the month under bizarre circumstances after the collapse of the European Super League. The Spanish side haven’t officially pulled out yet, but unless want to just play with themselves, they’re going to have to.

We also then have an FA Cup final to think about, with Leicester our latest opposition in a game where we have a great history.

Even once this most hectic of club seasons is over, our players won’t get a chance to rest. euro 2020 vedonlyontivihjeet – or Euro 2020 as we call it when we’re not waking up from a nightmare about Mason Mount breaking his ankle – follows how on the heels of the club season, and should see plenty of Blues following up a successful season with their club with an international run.

We’ve got English, Italian, French and Spanish talents, we’ve got a whole bunch of Germans now. Whatever happens, we’re likely to have some representation deep into this summer’s tournament.

So while the fun will be focused on the rest of April and the start of May, things won’t slow down until much later in the summer, by which point attentions will be focused on next season already.

We don’t expect Chelsea to make a serious impact in the transfer market this time around, given how bloated the squad is and given how much we spent last summer. But as always we will see some movement, and there are likely to be outgoings as well as arrivals. Thomas Tuchel will want the chance to mould the team to his needs, and after the impressive start he’s had, he will certainly deserve it.

There’s a lot to look forward to then – but it all starts with these first 6 games which decide whether we’re in the Champions League next year. West Ham, Fulham, Man City, Arsenal, Leicester, Aston Villa – who’s ready?