‘Chelsea were the first to table their exit’ from the European Super League

A real week of madness right? Can we get back to which striker we are going to sign in the summer now please?

But no, in all reality, this week has proven so much to the powers that be. They cannot just keep turning up in their suits and money, looking to change the game we have all known and loved since we were kids, without even giving us a voice.

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Well, the fans proved they DO have a voice this week, and they WILL be heard.

Chelsea have now officially announced that they’ve started the process to leave the European Super League in the early hours of this morning.

They were the first club to be reported to be doing so, and it looked to have caused a domino effect. However, Manchester City were the first club to officially announce their intentions to leave.

Even still, it has been confirmed by good source Chris Williams, that is was Chelsea who ‘were the first to table their exit’ from the Super League.