British Super League now being proposed and backed by FIFA and UEFA

Super League this, Super League that. Whatever way you look at it, it looks like some changes to football will soon be arriving.

The European Super League looks dead in the water, and thank god for that. But there looks to be a new project being secretly setup that is receiving the backing of UEFA, FIFA, and the UK Government, according to a report from Martin Lipton of The Sun.

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The plan is to form a British Super League, which will obviously include Chelsea in it.

This is an idea that has been spoken about for a long time actually, and both Rangers and Celtic from the Scottish league have been keen on something like this for a while.

There has been discussions about a ‘re-form’ of the Premier League for some time, so this is likely to be part of these plans.

It is unclear exactly what changes we would see, but Lipton claims plans are well underway.


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  1. Speak about greed!!! British Super League backed by FIFA and UEFA. Can someone please explain the difference

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