BBC report Chelsea on the verge of pulling out of ESL already

Things have gone from crazy to crazier at Stamford Bridge.

Petr Cech is at the gates begging fans to let the team buses in to the stadium. Meanwhile the BBC’s Dan Roan is reporting the sensational news that Chelsea are “preparing documentation to request withdrawing from the ESL.”

Oh, and let’s not forget – we’re supposed to be playing a Premier League game in an hour’s time!!!

The whole thing is utterly insane, but seems to be heading in the right direction now. It all relies on solidarity between the big clubs, and if one domino falls one feels the whole lot of them will come crashing down.

A super league with just these 15 teams in sounds rubbish already – if Chelsea leave too the pool gets smaller and smaller and the whole thing starts to creak.

Eventually you’ll just be left with Real Madrid and Barcelona, stuck high and dry after turning their backs on La Liga.