Andreas Christensen admits he still needs to improve

Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen has been one of the most improved players since Thomas Tuchel took charge in January, but the Dane believes he still needs to improve even further to grow.

Ahead of Chelsea’s big Champions League match against Porto this evening, the centre back appears in the match day program, and Sports Illustrated have provided some snippets of it.

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When coming through the Chelsea academy, Christensen was often dubbed as the next John Terry. However, his development was slow and despite looking like a reasonable player, he never really excelled to the next level, which is where he is looking to get to now.

His performances at the heart of Chelsea’s defence in a back three in recent matches have been superb, and he is now in a great position to take his career up a level or two and really stamp his authority down on this team.

“For me personally, I’m still not where I think I can be,” Christensen said.

“I still have to allow myself to make some mistakes, otherwise I’m not going to grow and I’m not going to learn to do anything different.

“I feel like I’m growing every game and every game is helping with the building, not just of the team but of my own personal confidence. I’m still aiming to get better because I know I’ve been better than I am now.

“Some people might say that [back three] suits me best but whatever system we’re playing, or have been playing for a while, is the one I feel most comfortable with.

“I know I’ve probably had my best games for Chelsea in a back three.”