Thomas Tuchel’s row with Leeds United director revealed

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel is certainly one to not hold his tongue, and we know how vocal he can be out on the side lines during matches.

Emotions are entirely normal during matches, and it certainly entertains us fans when coaches get caught in the moment.

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We all enjoyed Frank Lampard’s one man army taking on the Liverpool bench not so long ago, now Tuchel has had his go against Leeds United director, Victor Orta, in the clash between the two sides yesterday.

Orta was annoyed when Chelsea weren’t kicking the ball out when Patrick Bamford was down injured, even though to me it looked like they were going to kick it out anyway.

Tuchel turned and argued with Orta shouting “Would you do it for our player?!”

Personally I absolutely love seeing this kind of passion, coaches sticking up for their players and offering their opinions back when confronted – it doesn’t matter who from!