Premier League considers fixture shift to allow fans back in every stadium

The Premier League is planning to move the final fixtures of the season back in order to allow every club to have one game with fans in attendance before the end of the season.

The tentative unlocking in the Autumn was regional to begin with, and was soon abandoned, meaning that many clubs have had no fans at any of their games this season.

But the Athletic are today exclusively reporting that the top flight will move matchdays 36 and 37 in order to squeeze them beyond the May 17th date that Prime Minister Boris Johnson last month provisionally named for the return of limited numbers of fans to stadia.

It’s all a bit of an admin shuffle, and it’s all dependent on those dates not changing, which is a bit of a risk. But it’s all in a good cause, and even just the symbolic element of having some fans back at the end of the campaign will help a tainted season end on a sweeter note.