Claude Makelele names the Chelsea player who “can be better than me”

Former Chelsea player Claude Makelele was so good at football that he made a new position and had it named after him.

The ‘Makelele role’ is now known as the central defensive midfielder, and Makelele made it his own during his time as a player for Chelsea.

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So for the man who invented his own position to claim that a current Chelsea player can ‘be better’ than he was, that’s a pretty big thing.

We are of course talking about N’Golo Kante, who put in a man of the match performance against Manchester United yesterday.

But despite playing well, Makelele wants to see more from the French World Cup winner, as reported by Football London.

The former Blue was speaking about Kante’s performance on Chelsea’s match day coverage on the website, but he believes Kante can take a step forward and do even more to become a better player.

He said:

“For me, I expect more from N’Golo Kante because he can be better than me. He needs more communication with his defenders.

“You want him to have more responsibility, more power to say: ‘I’m here. You do this behind me and I’ll do this in front of you’. He can have leadership in this team. I know Kante is shy, never talks, he just wants to do his job. But I think he can do more.

“He can help more the offensive players to do their job in a good way. He should be the security in front of the defenders.”