Chelsea players using secret code words on the pitch to stump opposition

There are a number of different techniques and tactical solutions Thomas Tuchel has bought with him to Chelsea, perhaps one of the most surprising of all has been revealed today.

The reliable Sun reporter Alan Nixon claims that Tuchel has his players ‘using secret code words’ whilst on the pitch in order to stump the opposition.

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The Blues head coach tells his players to use code words when they attack, so that they know where to run when they are going forward — and who to aim for.

This involves using ‘key triggers’ to let players know what side they will go down, whether the ball is put in high or low and even if it is long or short.

A Chelsea rival told The Sun, “You have no idea what’s going on but they know exactly what they are doing.

“It just makes the attacks quicker and more deadly because sometimes a guy passing does not even have to look up to know where the runner will be.

“They use different words all the time too, so you can’t even work it out during the game.

It makes total sense really when you think about it. Thinking from an opposition players point of view, if you hear a shout you can react to that instantly. But if the shout is something you’ve never heard before and makes no sense, you have no chance of reacting!

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