Chelsea making progress and increasingly hopeful of signing Erling Haaland

Wherever you go right now you cannot avoid the transfer speculation connecting Chelsea to Erling Haaland.

I myself spoke about what we know on the situation on my latest Podcast with Dan McCarthy last week, and since then the rumours are bubbling up.

The latest report is even more positive for Chelsea fans from the reliable Dean Jones of Eurosport.

Jones says that Chelsea are becoming increasingly hopeful about their dream of landing Erling Haaland from Dortmund this summer.

The club have been quietly making progress behind the scenes to show influential figures close to Haaland that their project will be worth strong consideration when decision time comes.

The sought-after striker has a release clause that comes into play next summer, but it appears that Chelsea are making their drive for him this summer.

There will be other clubs in for him of course, which is natural for one of the best players around, but it does at least seem that Chelsea will be in the race at the least.