Andreas Christensen explains the new defensive orders of Thomas Tuchel

Andreas Christensen has never quite taken the opportunities handed to him as a regular starter at Chelsea, but there’s another new manager in place now, and the defender has played good minutes for him already.

The team haven’t been conceding much, and Christensen suits the 3-at-the-back formation they’ve been using.

Of course Thiago Silva could return at any moment, but the Brazilian is clearly only cut out for one game a week, leaving plenty of chances for Christensen to continue trying to earn a spot alongside Silva.

The Chelsea club site has an interesting interview online today with the Dane where he talks about the changes in recent weeks:

“I‘ have played four games in a row now and it has been a whole since I’ve done that. All the manager says is just be comfortable,” the 25 year old explained.

“If you don’t need to play the ball, you don’t have to. Wait for someone to come and take the ball, don’t take last-second decisions, know what you’re going to do and make it happen.

“He just said to us to be comfortable and believe in ourselves. I have played in the middle of the three before and I’m quite comfortable there. At the moment, when we are playing good football and getting wins, it is helping us so we don’t have to do too much to change it.”

We love what we’re seeing on the pitch at the back, and the more comfortable Christensen looks the better. Maybe Tuchel will finally be the man to get him playing to his potential.