Thomas Tuchel “has been sounded out by intermediaries” at Chelsea as Abramovich pushes for top 2

It is certainly not dull around Chelsea right now and to be honest, I cannot remember the last time we were plain sailing and drama-free.

But with football comes drama, and with football comes business, and that business is winning matches, something that Chelsea are struggling with right now.

Chelsea are considering a move for long-term club target Boubacar Kamara, read the full story HERE!

As a result, the impending stories of the club potentially looking to pull the plug on Frank Lampard’s tenure and bring in a replacement to help get things back on track are rife.

Whether it will or will not happen remains to be seen just yet, but apparently replacements are already being sounded out.

The Chelsea board want top 4 this season, and even aimed for top 2. Right now, Lampard’s Chelsea are some distance away, which is why the concerns have come in.

This is according to transfer insider Dean Jones, who was talking on The Si Phillips Talks Chelsea Podcast today.

“The aim of the season is top 2,” confirmed Jones.

“They need to really be in there in the top 4, but Abramovich when he is spending this much money, he’s not expecting only to qualify for the Champions League, he wants to show Liverpool and Man City that Chelsea are back to make a statement.

“Being that far off the top two is what is starting to look like a concern for Lampard/s [job].”

In terms of potential replacements, contact has already been made with Thomas Tuchel, Jones believes..

“Thomas Tuchel is quite a realistic one, that’s one I’ve heard the most on. I get the impression he has been sounded out by intermediaries.”