Not all of Chelsea’s summer arrivals were Frank Lampard’s targets, Havertz was a board buy

It is always a pressing ponder when clubs sign news players, whether these are players that the board have scouted and want, whether they are players that the manager has specifically asked for, or whether it is a collective signing from all involved.

Well, in the case of some of Chelsea’s expensive summer arrivals, in particular Kai Havertz, it looks like he was a board pursuit and was not asked for by Lampard.

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This is according to transfer insider Dean Jones, who divulged the information on The Si Phillips Talks Chelsea Podcast today.

“Lampard didn’t necessarily want Kai Havertz,” said Jones.

“I’m not saying he would have turned him down but it wasn’t like ‘please go and get me Kai Havertz.'”

Lampard obviously played a big part in the transfer himself and spoke to the player prior to his arrival. But it is interesting to hear that Havertz, and probably other arrivals this summer were board-driven signings rather than Lampard picks.