Max Allegri “off the list” as possible Lampard replacement in latest update from German insider

Frank Lampard is still clinging on as Chelsea’s manager, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill going into overdrive trying to work out who his replacement might be.

The usual names crop up over and over again – basically anyone who has been to a Champions League final in recent years but doesn’t currently have a club.

That’s ruled out Mauricio Pochettino, and now Massimiliano Allegri has been added to the discard pile. Christian Falk of Bild has said that the former Juve coach is “off the list” in a Tweet he put out today:

What is German journalist Falk’s angle on this? Ralf Ragnick and Thomas Tuchel, two German candidates who are apparently still in the running.

Whatever the truth, before we get too excited, let’s wait for Chelsea to actually have a vacant manager’s seat. You never know how quickly things can turn around – and there’s nothing we would like more than seeing Super Frank make a success of this season.