Lampard’s Derby bounced back – his Chelsea team can too

Frank Lampard’s Chelsea are on a horrible run, and everything they were fighting for a few months ago now looks a long way away.

It’s not time to give up yet though, and hope comes in the unlikely form of the Derby Telegraph. They point out that Lampard had a similar run the year before he joined Chelsea, when he was at Derby, and ended up recovering from that in style.

There, Lampard went on a run of two wins in 11 games after New Year, and looked like he’d blown the run to the playoffs at the crucial moment.

But his Rams team ended the season on a six game unbeaten run and made it to the knockout stage after all, where they eliminated Derby before falling at the final hurdle in the playoff final.

Let’s hope we can see a similar rally this time around, to catapult us back into contention.