Former Blue claims Frank Lampard has been given “enough money” to get the team sorted

We are now 12 days into the January transfer window and as expected, Chelsea have been very quiet in terms of any potential arrivals.

Outgoings were always going to be the focus this month for the club, after Roman Abramovich backed Frank Lampard with a number of high quality expensive signings in the summer.

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And former Chelsea player Alan Hudson believes that as a result, the Russian owner doesn’t need to be forking out any more cash for new players this month.

In fact, Hudson believes that Abramovich might even be regretting backing Lampard in the summer because he still hasn’t got it right on the pitch.

Speaking in an exclusive with Caught Offside, Hudson said:

“It was a ‘walk in the park’ against a lower league team [Morecambe], to be expected.

“The problem Frank has now is that this means nothing if you take into account the two performances that were not good enough (Arsenal and Manchester City), which if they had performed would have kept them right in there, therefore they would have given themselves a breather, instead the heat is on.”

“As for January signings, I think Roman (Abramovich) has given Frank enough money to get that front line sorted out but it hasn’t happened and the owner might be having second thoughts about both spending and whether Frank is the answer?”

Hudson is genuinely questioning whether Lampard is the right man, and he hasn’t been alone with this in the past few weeks.

However, the board seem to be sticking with him for now, but you get a real sense that the next few games could be pinnacle for his future as Chelsea boss.