“I don’t see a leader” – Pundit says Chelsea lack ‘someone on the pitch’ to ‘take responsibility’

Chelsea are currently in a bad run of form, and everyone is wading in with their opinions as to what is going wrong.

Frank Lampard’s position as Chelsea boss is now under real pressure, and even after a host of top talent arriving in the summer, this has become the worst period for Lampard as boss of his beloved club.

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Many people whilst dissecting the issues are mentioning a lack of leadership, a lack of players standing up. When things are going against this team, heads drop instead of reacting and dealing with the pressure.

I believe this is a massive issue, and has been for many years since the days of John Terry and even Frank Lampard himself played.

And Paul Merson hits the nail on the head in his latest column on Sky Sports.

The former player turned pundit says he doesn’t see a leader on the pitch right now, and says this is a real problem.

“If you look at Southampton’s performance against Liverpool, they all looked like they knew what they were doing,” said Merson.

“When one goes, they all go, when one holds, they all hold. It’s like clockwork regardless of the score or the stage of the game.

“Contrast that to how Chelsea collapsed against Manchester City. I was so surprised. Chelsea played so well in the first half, got excited and then went behind. At that moment they needed someone to calm things down to stay in the game for the next 15 minutes, but they kept on playing, opened the game up and were punished.

“Something needs to click again with Chelsea because I don’t see a leader. Regardless of the instructions Lampard gave before the game, someone on the pitch has got to take responsibility.

“Kevin De Bruyne’s goal after Manchester City broke from a corner is the kind of goal you would expect to see in the final minute of the cup tie when you are losing and go gung-ho for a late goal, not 34 minutes into the first half of a match.

“It was unbelievable and the kind of thing you would not expect to see in an under-six football match. With the amount of talent Chelsea had on the field and on the bench, there was plenty of time left in the match for them to turn things around, but they shot themselves in the foot.”

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  1. chelsea have had this problem for 3 or 4 years –long pre-dates frank — also chelsea have had lousy results over xmas/winter for quite a while, going back to conte’s second season

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