Discussions taking place to move Chelsea’s next fixture vs Fulham

Breaking news this Monday morning surrounds Chelsea’s next fixture vs Fulham, currently scheduled for this Friday the 15th of January.

As revealed by The Athletic, the Premier League are currently in discussions with a number of clubs over moving and re-scheduling a few fixtures this week as a result of Covid-19 outbreaks.

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The game of football dominos looks like we could see the league postponing Aston Villa’s home match against Tottenham on Wednesday and replacing it with the fixture between Tottenham and Fulham that was called off on December the 30th.

Villa had an outbreak of Covid-19 and their next fixture in 2 days time is now in doubt.

As a result, Fulham’s match vs Chelsea on Friday night could now be pushed to Saturday in order to help ease the possible congestion that Fulham could now face.

It is all rather up in the air at this point and will be dependent on a number of things.