Conor Gallagher will stay at West Brom despite temptation to upgrade

Conor Gallagher had a superb breakout season in the Championship last season, shining at Charlton before being upgraded to Swansea in January.

This year he stepped up to the Premier League and has looked great at West Brom – but Chelsea won’t be repeating their trick of trying for a January upgrade.

He will stay at West Brom for the rest of the campaign despite their struggles, now that it’s clear new manager Sam Allardyce can count on him.

Liam Twomey of the Athletic confirmed this news – or rather non-news – today on Twitter:

It does seem to add up. While it’s tempting to try and get Conor into a better team – Brighton or West Ham for example – he seems to be onto a good thing in the Midlands and is playing every week.

Let’s not let perfect be the enemy of good here – he’s going to come out of this season a better player, and that’s what matters.

3 thoughts on “Conor Gallagher will stay at West Brom despite temptation to upgrade

  1. Chelsea said that to Charlton last season then called him back and sent him to Swansea, I would wait until the transfer window is closed to be confident of that

  2. Its hard to take that you consider Brighton as a better team than West Brom but I cant argue with you at this present time. If we had 11 players with Gallaghers attitude and talent we would be top 6 now. That’s how good he is. Do the kid a favour and sell him if he’s only going to be a bench warmer at Chelsea. This seems to be a big money club ideology. Connor deserves much better.

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