Christensen scan puts new angle on clash against Aston Villa

Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Aston Villa was so frustrating because it looked for all the world like the Blues were growing into the game, and with a 1-0 lead we were hopeful they’d win.

The turning point came as Villa scored with a Chelsea centre back down injured. Andreas Christensen only appeared to have been brushed by Jack Grealish, but the Dane stayed down and the away side scored.

The fact that AC stayed down caused plenty of grumbling from lots of Proper Football Men (Aston Villa assistant John Terry included), but the information from Nizaar Kinsella of reveals a new angle.

He says that Christensen went for a scan on his knee a couple of days ago, painting the whole incident in a new light.

Perhaps we were all too harsh on the defender, and he really was hurt.

It’s all the more reason the referee should have blown the whistle, in any case.