Chelsea loanee tops the stats for tackles in Europe

Conor Gallagher was never one of the names you heard most about when he was in the Chelsea academy, but he’s now rising to the top rapidly, and after a great spell in the Championship last year, he’s stepped up to the Prem with no problems.

In fact, at struggling West Brom he’s really standing out, and according to the stats posted by FTalent Scout, he’s got more tackles than any other under 21 player in Europe now, with half the season gone.

You can see the stat in the Tweet embedded here:

Now let’s face it – that number is heavily conditioned by the state that West Brom are in. They’re under siege every game, and so he gets plenty of chances to nick the ball.

Still, you’ve got to be good enough to take those opportunities, and it looks very much like Conor is going to be good enough at the very top level.