Chelsea hierarchy considering double swoop for Dortmund pair

There are all sorts of various discussions going on at Chelsea right now, with the future of current boss Frank Lampard on the edge.

We all know the deal by now, but it looks like Lampard is at least going into Sunday’s game against Luton still in charge, despite how shaky things have become.

Chelsea are considering a move for long-term club target Boubacar Kamara, read the full story HERE!

Transfer business could change dependent on who the manager at the club is, which is why this next story is quite interesting.

Declan Rice is the priority of Lampard, but will Chelsea still target him if Lampard does leave?

Well, Dortmund youngster Jude Bellingham is being considered as a potential alternative by those high up at Chelsea.

Transfer insider Dean Jones revealed the information on The Si Phillips Talks Chelsea Podcast today.

Jones was responding to a question about Bellingham, and had some exclusive information on the Chelsea interest to deliver.

“There are people inside Chelsea who believe that it might be worth waiting another year for Jude Bellingham,” said Jones.
“If Chelsea aren’t going to go and get Declan Rice right now, then why not wait another year until Bellingham is ready to leave Dortmund in 2022.
“There are people in Chelsea who want to at least keep an eye on Jude Bellingham’s situation.”
This could well end up being a double swoop on Dortmund, with Jones delivering some news on Chelsea’s pursuit of Erling Haaland as well.
“The one reason I think Chelsea might sign Haaland, is they are clearly not ones to miss an opportunity on a big player right now,” Jones said.
“I do think that if they got to a situation where Haaland was ready to leave Dortmund, I find it hard to believe that Chelsea’s wouldn’t have a real good crack at actually getting him through the door.”

3 thoughts on “Chelsea hierarchy considering double swoop for Dortmund pair

  1. Chelsea FC need a best creative and tackling midfielder to combine with Kante in mid of 2. A sharp and tough defender is also a requirement in the team. With just the two signing I believe Chelsea has the best attackers who lack creativity in the middle. Let’s think of Denis Zakaria and Lewis Dunk or Egan.

  2. for real, what we lack as Chelsea is all about creativity. Manson is ever there in the field very praised but to my own thinking he is a liability to some extend. He does his activities as holding midfielders who really bring a lot of imbalance upfront. reflect back the game against arsenal and you will see exactly what I mean when Billy was introduced.

  3. I think Right now chelsea needs [Earling.] & [Jude Bellingham.] not D-Rice.. Chelsea need to sale or send Abraham on loan.. Lampard supposed to sale Christensen or loans him.. not Tomori. Lampard will regret it.. Hate the way Lampard wants chelsea to be only for England players.. Lampard should try to play with players from different countries, especially African players are strong skillfull, serious. Forcus.. Lampard must remember.. When chelsea won UEFA championship How many African players were playing in chelsea that year.

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