Chelsea confirm they will be helping NHS staff battling Covid-19 in the UK once again

During the start of the global pandemic back in March, it was very refreshing to see our club and the rest of the Premier League doing as much as they could to help the battle against the Covid-19 virus.

Now, when cases have risen again in the country, Chelsea are stepping up once again to help the NHS in their fight against the virus.

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The Chelsea website have offered confirmation that club owner Roman Abramovich will again be covering the costs of providing the accommodation, which includes bed and breakfast, in the Copthorne Hotel for NHS workers from nearby hospitals.

The UK are in another national lockdown and Abramovich would like to put the Hotels to best use whilst they are not operating as normal.

A lot of the staff will be working long hours or will be unable to travel to and from work, so this initiative is very welcome to those taking advantage of the generosity.