Brendan Rodgers is ‘a perfect fit’ for Chelsea and could leave Leicester mid-season

All the talk at Chelsea right now is surrounding a potential managerial change as the pressure ramps up on current head coach Frank Lampard.

The Blues legend is still in charge, but it has a real feel of him hanging on by a very thin thread right now, and something could be right around the corner.

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Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has been mentioned is a potential manager on the shortlist to takeover if Chelsea did sack Lampard.

However, with his Leicester side currently flying high at the top of the table challenging for the title once again, you’d be hard pressed to see him wanting to leave right now.

But he does have connections with Chelsea, having been a youth coach there for many years, and Adrian Durham from TalkSport believes that he would be turned if Chelsea offered him the job right now.

He describes Rodgers as ‘a perfect fit.’

“I’m looking at Brendan Rodgers, and with him being a coach there before, he looks like a perfect fit,” Durham said on Drive.

“That’s not me trying to get Frank Lampard out of a job, but Brendan Rodgers is a perfect fit for Chelsea.

“When you consider he left Celtic when they were on the brink of a treble-treble, he won’t mind at all.

“If someone says to him, ‘This is the salary we’ll offer you, this is the transfer budget, this is the ambition we’ve got’.

“That’s where Brendan Rodgers wants to be, in among the elite. Will he achieve that at a sustainable level at Leicester? Possibly, but it’s less likely.”


4 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers is ‘a perfect fit’ for Chelsea and could leave Leicester mid-season

  1. Ah diddums…. did Chelsea lose to Leicester and now you want their manager! Are you really reporting on comments by Adrien Durham ?! His job is to throw bombs to get people like you to call his show.
    You are living in fantasy land if you think Rogers would go to Chelsea mid Season. I do wonder whether you’ve ever actually been to a football match!

    1. Perhaps Chelsea should also look at Wolves and Arsenal Managers who have also beat them recently and may be available!

    2. Everyone in football have a price! You nvr know!
      Even if Leicester throw 70 million buy out clause for B.Rogers, Abramovich will say its peanuts in his small pocket…lols

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