“Head it with your eyes” – Aerial master tells Tammy how to improve his heading numbers

Tammy Abraham is 6’4, but has never been as good in the air as he should be.

He’s been great defensively in recent games, as he’s given a free role at set pieces to use his height to attack the ball and get it clear, but attacking headers are a different kettle of fish.

There were certainly a couple of moments against Tottenham where he could have made more of some wicked Reece James crosses, but that was as much about his anticipation as his actual heading ability.

One absolute aerial master is David Speedie, who was known as a total menace in the air for Chelsea in the 1980s.

He spoke with us in our big interview this week, and gave Tammy a few tips on how to improve and score more with his impressive frame:

“I would love to be a coach down there teaching the strikers. I’m sure the coaches down there must be giving them some advice. Head the ball with your eyes, that’s what I was taught from a very young age,” Speedie explained.

“Head it with your eyes. You don’t take your eyes off the ball until you’ve headered it. I think sometimes he might be throwing his head at it. Sometimes he’s throwing his head back and that little jerk, the ball’s gone past and he’s not connected properly.”

He even offered to go down to Cobham and help out… pick up the phone Frank!