“Anthony Barry has been a huge success” reveals Chelsea insider

Chelsea have really turned their main issue from last season on it’s head this season.

They have gone from leaking goals and being un-organised at the back, to becoming one of the best if not the best defensive unit in the league.

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A lot of this has been the players coming in, the likes of Thiago Silva, Ben Chilwell, and Edouard Mendy have helped with this massively.

But perhaps one unsung hero who doesn’t get spoken about as much is new coach Anthony Barry, who joined from Wigan this summer.

He has a reputation for being an excellent coach, especially good for helping the over all organisation and positioning of the team in order to help defend and attack set pieces, and you are already seeing the success he is having on the pitch.

Chelsea insider and Podcast Host Alex Goldberg has revealed that he’s been told by those involved, that “Anthony Barry has been a huge success” since arriving at the club, and he has worked wonders with Kurt Zouma.

Speaking on The Si Phillips Talks Chelsea Podcast, Goldberg said “A specific report I had was how Anthony Barry and Kurt Zouma really hit it off”.