“I did tricks and flicks but I learned” – Mason Mount responds to Lampard’s comments

The story of online criticism of Mason Mount is becoming far too repetitive.

The abuse and over criticisms were always just odd, and every time Frank Lampard and Mason Mount speak to the media right now, they are asked about it.

Lampard has been clear all along, he believes it is just a handful of online fans with nothing better to do than offer abuse on their phones, and he puts it down the fact that Mount is not one of those players who does flicks and tricks and gets on about his business quietly but effectively.

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Mount was asked about these criticisms as well during his press conference today after Lampard, and he simply confirmed that he used to do flicks and tricks in the academy but realised it didn’t always come off in the Championship.

The key is to move the ball quicker for Mount instead, and he does the job just fine.