“There’s an option in Thiago’s contract” – Frank Lampard confirms Chelsea can extend Silva’s deal

Frank Lampard is giving his press conference ahead of Chelsea’s game with Tottenham tomorrow, but as well as specific news about the huge clash between title contenders, there were also questions about the long term big picture.

There were whispers this week that Thiago Silva might have his contract extended, and when asked about that Lampard didn’t confirm that was true – but he did confirm that there was an existing option in the defender’s deal that could be activated to add another year.

Given how well he’s playing overall, we can’t imagine any world where the club don’t take up that option. Only a serious injury or some kind of incredibly unlikely off the field incident could derail it, as far as we see it. Lampard is just being coy, but even as he discussed it – with a smile on his face – it was clear to everyone what the club’s intentions are.