Eating natural and a lot of exercise – The wife of Thiago Silva on how he’s staying in top condition

36-year old Thiago Silva has already staked his claim to be Chelsea’s signing of the season even at this early stage.

He came in alongside young stars such as Kai Havertz and Timo Werner, but the veteran has made just as much impact, if not more impact than the German pair, and that is no slight on them because they have also been very good.

But Silva has anchored Chelsea’s defence, something that desperately needed doing. He has bought a calmness and organisation to Frank Lampard’s back line – something that had been missing last season and caused them to be very leaky at the back.

Silva is playing like a 26-year old right now, and a lot of this can be down to his hard work in training and extra training at home, but also his strict diet.

His wife, Isabella, has been speaking to Goal about it. She said:

“He puts a lot of emphasis on diet and exercise.

“He is very professional. Whenever he wants to achieve a goal, I do what I can; I try to eat natural like him, we don’t drink soda.

“We do the exercises together at home; he helps me too. It’s nothing extraordinary; it’s just simple things, he exercises a lot with the club. He only does light exercise when he is at home.”