The stat that shows Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell is already proving some doubters wrong

Before Chelsea signed Ben Chilwell from Leicester City this summer, there was some Blues fans who had voiced concerns and were against this pursuit.

For some, it was his inflated quoted price that put them off, but for others, they simply didn’t rate the England left back and didn’t think he was good enough for Chelsea.

Well, as per The BBC, Chelsea got Chilwell for a much lower than quoted £45 million fee, and already it looked like some fans may have to swallow their words.

The former Leicester man has already showed the quality he has, and what he is capable of adding to any team, even Chelsea. In fact, he could easily be classed as one of their signings of the summer so far, even at these early stages.

He has been part of a previously leaky Chelsea defence that has had three clean sheets in the last four matches, and there is also another surprise stat that makes him stand out as a top class signing already.

Chilwell has been Chelsea’s biggest creator of goals this season, and has but played just half of their matches…. Incredible stuff!