Lampard admits he has ‘clear picture’ of his footballing philosophy, but he needs to ‘see the new players’ first

Frank Lampard has had an up and down time as Chelsea manager so far since taking over last summer.

Whilst putting on some great performances, his reign so far can largely only be described as inconsistent, and stuttering.

When he has got his team playing well, they have played really well, but unfortunately we have yet to see it consistently.

One of the critiques of Lampard is that he has yet to find and stick with a certain footballing philosophy. Many describe him as an attacking coach, but he prefers to say he is more balanced.

Lampard has used many different formations in his time at Chelsea, suggesting that a lot of the time he has failed to find his best team selection and line up, yet he has also tried to adapt to his opponents.

The Blues boss was questioned on his philosophy during the off-air questions in his press conference, as reported by The Telegraph.

He said:

“I do have a pretty clear picture but I’m not one to sit here and lay out all my plans.

“I find it’s always a tough question. It can sound brilliant, and sound like I’m finishing my Pro Licence [coaching badge] and putting in how I think my team should play. The reality of football is that it moves on a lot.

“Last season I think was very positive for us as a team because we had an identity of a team that worked very hard off the ball and created a lot of chances, tried to get higher up the pitch and made a lot of steps forward while also needing to make further steps.

“This season, where we have new players who have come in, I definitely felt before the season there would be, not a levelling out process but a period where we had to work again and see the new players.

“The message cannot always be the same for players with different attributes. So that’s why I don’t want to commit to what would be my ideal philosophy in six months, a year’s time, two years’ time, because in real time you have to work with the players you have and just keep trying to improve.

“I am seeing some signs [of improvement].

“But I also know we have brought in six players who have come in to compete for our first XI … I knew this would be something that would take some time.

“We missed a pre-season – so our time now is real-life games which is not always great.”