Jorginho reveals the key English words he is helping teach Thiago Silva with

When Chelsea signed Thiago Silva this summer, the Brazilian did not speak a word of English.

He has since been learning the language and is determined to speak it. But until then, he is being helped out by a number of Chelsea’s current players on the pitch.

Silva speaks French, so he is able to communicate well with Edouard Mendy, N’Golo Kante, Cesar Azpilicueta, and Kurt Zouma at the back.

But of course, there are universal English terms in football that every player needs to know, and it is Brazilian-born Jorginho who has been helping Silva pick those up.

The midfielder has revealed that he is teaching Silva a number of the key words or phrases that he needs to know whilst on the pitch, important shouts like ‘man-on’ and ‘switch play’.

Jorginho being Chelsea’s vice-captain as well will help Silva and the new guys out a lot, as he is always instructing and orchestrating from his deep midfield position.

As reported by The Sun, Jorgi said:

“When he has some questions or some doubts he asks me and I try to help him if I can, because my English is not that great.

“I have taught him ‘man on’, ‘turn’ or if he is on the other side ‘switch play’. Things that you need on the pitch. ‘Man on’, ‘drop’ or ‘up’.

“We try to help each other. That’s what you do on and off the pitch.

“He is happy here. He is a big personality, a big player with lots of experience.

“He is helping all of us as a group, the younger players, everyone.

“He finds a way to communicate, whether it is with his hands or he speaks to me and I give the information to the other guys.  We find a way.”