Bruno Fernandes takes big risk with gentle slap on Jorginho

We’re 20 minutes in to the Chelsea against Manchester United game at Old Trafford, and not much has happened in the pouring rain.

Both sides are struggling to put together penetrative attacking moves, and there’s a strong sense that this game could end up 0-0, or perhaps a tight win either way from a mistake or a moment of magic.

One thing that would have opened it up would have been a first half red card. Bruno Fernandes clashed with Jorginho in the middle of the park and gave him a very gentle slap on the back of his head. It probably wasn’t going to get him sent off, even in this hyper-sensitive VAR world, but it was still a crazy risk to take.

Given how close things have been so far, even a yellow card might end up being an important factor when all is said and done. Let’s hope he makes a few more rash decisions like that.