“We need to thank Frank Lampard” – Sheffield United manager delighted to have Chelsea player on loan

Chris Wilder and Frank Lampard have quite the bromance going on.

Before their game in July, the Sheffield United manager praised Lampard to high heavens – calling him a “top class manager” before battering him 3-0 in a match that almost proved fatal for Chelsea’s top 4 aspirations.

They also came up against each other twice in the Championship, when Lampard was Derby manager, meaning that Lampard has faced Wilder more than any other fellow coach in his short managerial career so far.

Now Lampard has sent Ethan Ampadu to Sheffield United on loan for the season, and the Blades boss has taken the chance to praise his opposite number once again.

“We need to thank Frank Lampard and the people at Chelsea for helping making this happen,” Wilder said in quotes picked up by Sports Illustrated.

“We’ve got a good relationship with them and they know we’re going to take good care of him.”

Let’s hope so. Last season was a totally wasted campaign for Ampadu, who barely played. With any luck, the great relationship between Lampard and Wilder will guarantee a few more starts for the Wales international this year.