Mendy allegedly returns to Rennes training, but he will still ‘join Chelsea’ and ‘It’s just a matter of time’

Another transfer saga has been bubbling up with Chelsea once again, just as it did with the Kai Havertz saga.

Chelsea took months to finally announce this deal as negotiations went on and on. But at the time all the top sources were reporting that he would become a Chelsea player.

As with negotiations for all deals in football, sometimes they take time to thrash out the finer details, such as bonuses and add-ons.

Chelsea’s next pending transfer Edouard Mendy allegedly rejoined Rennes training yesterday despite being VERY close to becoming a Chelsea player.

As with the Havertz saga, panic amongst Chelsea fans has ensued.

But there need not be any fear, just like with Havertz.

Mendy WILL ‘join Chelsea’, says transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, who reiterates that ‘It’s just a matter of time’ between the two clubs to complete the paperwork.

So why the delay? Well, as said, sometimes the finer details take time to be agreed. But also, selling clubs often like to make it seem like they are tough negotiators for future business, it’s good for them.