Liverpool’s line-up against Leeds cost £356m, compared to Chelsea’s new look £230m side

It’s almost become laughable how hypocritical Jurgen Klopp’s recent comments on Chelsea’s spending was.

As The Daily Mail report, Klopp took jibes at Chelsea’s summer spending suggesting that they are ‘owned by countries, owned by oligarchs’ and that Liverpool ‘are a different kind of club’.

Putting it down to the current climate with the pandemic, Klopp claims that Liverpool are ‘a different kind of club’ than Chelsea and they ‘cannot just change it overnight and say, “So now we want to behave like Chelsea, now they’ve signed a lot of players”.’

Well, Klopp has short-term memory loss, clearly.

Liverpool have actually spent more than Chelsea in the last 5 seasons, when you look at net spend, which is exactly how it should be judged.

In fact, according to the same report from The Mail, Liverpool’s team that lined up against Leeds this weekend cost a staggering £356m, compared to Chelsea’s new look line up that cost £230m.

But yeah, Liverpool don’t behave like Chelsea, apparently….