Former Blue would ‘choose’ to join Chelsea despite Brazilian team mates inviting him to Arsenal

There have been many players coming and going over recent years at Chelsea.

Some of which would divide opinions more than most.

Midfielder Oscar was loved by many sections of the Chelsea fans, but also disliked by some who grew frustrated with his inconsistency.

Personally I loved Oscar, but I always felt like he wasn’t showing his full potential with us.

Well, he wants to come back and try again one day very soon, from the horses mouth!

As reported by The Daily Star, Oscar said:

“Of course the first club I’d choose if I could go back to Europe is Chelsea, for sure, which is the club that I built a very beautiful history with.”

And this is even after revealing that his former Brazil and Chelsea team mates, Willian and David Luiz, have asked him to come and join them at Arsenal, as Oscar admitted:

“They called me, they had to call me. Because we have good communication. Sometimes I talk to them. They said ‘come to Arsenal, come here’

“But for me it’s a little more difficult. I have a contract with Shanghai, it’s a little more difficult to leave.

And it sounds like his preference would be Chelsea anyway, obviously. But I think that fish has fried, unfortunately for him.

Best of luck though Oscar!